How To Care For Your Red Hair Dye

Nowadays, it has become rampant to catch people’s attention with the color of our hair. Most of the time, Red Hair Dye usually does that trick much quickly than other colors as these could be seen clearly when the light hits the hair in different angles. However, it is not that easy to maintain a red hair color when it has been dyed.

Red Hair Dye, unfortunately, shifts in color quicker than the other hair color dyes, and they also are harder to let stick to the hair. Therefore if you are planning to get your hair dyed with the red color, you need much more preparation than you should. Like, you have to avoid chlorinated water as chlorine removes and does not allow the red dye to stick well onto one’s hair.

What most women do not know is that due to frequent trips to the stylists, their hair has build-ups of hairspray and mousse which also do not help in the sticking well of Red Hair Dye. Now it may be a little difficult to avoid since it’s already there on our hair and hair shafts, the one thing we could do now is to stop adding more to that build-up. Luckily there is the availability of chelating shampoo and conditioner in the market which would help in stripping our hair off all those unwanted ingredients. Once your hair is in top shape, you are now ready to dye your hair.

When you’ve dyed your hair, it is important that you follow some important guidelines so as to keep the dye from washing out. Red Hair Dye washes out quicker than all the other dyes. The first things you’d want to get once you’ve dyed your hair are red color enhancing shampoo and conditioner. These help your dye from fading away quicker, and you can buy these from hair stylists as they may have the best quality and they sell it for a lower price.

Aside from the damaging effects of chlorine, sunlight also causes damage to a person’s newly dyed hair, Red Hair Dye or not. When you plan to get the heat of the sun, it would be a good idea for you to wear a hat or a scarf. Direct or indirect, strong or not, the heat of the sun will screw up your hair faster than you could say hair dye. And going back to the subject of swimming, if it can’t be avoided that you go swimming in chlorinated waters, be sure to wear a swimming cap or put your hair up.

A common mistake that people may do would be to rinse off their newly dyed hair with steaming hot water. Remember that Red Hair Dye wears off easily so might as well rinse it off with fresh water. Also, if you wash your hair every so often, it would only make the wearing off of the dye quicken. Limit the number of times you wash your hair so you can make the red dye stay longer. Remember to use the red color enhancing shampoo and conditioner that you bought when washing.

Make your hair catch the attention of people with your red hair. Keep the Red Hair Dye stick by following the abovementioned guidelines. Having shiny red hair days as long as you like!